Caesar's Overdrive

Use only the approprite actions of pursuit and avoidance and even these lightly.

When you are going about any action remind yourself what nature the action is if you are going to play picture to yourself the things which usually happen in the game some crash some push some use abusive language and others steal thus you will more safety go about this action if you say to yourself:

I will live for the swarm and keep my own mind in a state conformable to nature and in the same manner with regard to every other action for thus if any inconvenience arises you will have it ready to say it was not only to play what I desired but to keep my mind in a state conformable to nature and I will not keep it if I'm bothered at such things that happen.

We are disturbed by the principles and notions we form concerning things when therefore we are conflicted let us never attribute it to others but to ourselves that is to our own principles, an unistructed person will lay the fault for his own bad condition upon others, someone just starting instruction will lay the fault on himself, someone who is perfectly instructed wil place blame neither on others nor on himself.