Spacebeam is a distributed open-source research & development community that conducts multidisciplinary work on distributed systems, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

Our work process

We use the ZeroMQ C4 process working on Spacebeam, which means that every proposed change is tracked as an issue.

Your can define an issue for a problem and then propose your own patch, or wait for someone else to fix it... you can also come immediately with a patch, and submit that as a pull request, without a separate issue.

An ideal description for an issue goes:

  • Problem: (describe the problem here)
  • Solution: (describe your solution here)

Please do not create issues for ideas or feature requests.

Come with clear problems and possible solutions.

Code and documentation

The source code lives at the Spacebeam GitHub organization.

The guide explains our environment and the community website links to our work process, read the rules and join the adventure!