We build hybrid solutions for the world's most creative companies. By providing user-focused consultancy, high technology and connection to specialized communities.

What we do

We're world-leading experts at building massively scalable distributed systems.
We have 10+ years of experience building critical digital infrastructure that scales without error.
We create real impact through the power of resilient technologies with Python, Lua and Erlang at their core.

Our strength and differentiation lies in the combination of three service areas: Consultancy, Technology and Community, with each service adding value to our clients.

Talk us about how we can help you develop a future proof system that is easier to maintain, more scalable and cheaper to run.


We're trusted technology partner, We'll ensure your systems are secure, reliable and cost-effective. Work with us to ensure you maximises efficiency and minimises downtime.


We're world-leading zerg experts in open-source technologies that enable more users, less down time and faster iterations.


We're proud open-source supporters and passionately committed to Python, Lua and Erlang technologies. We empower the community with tools and translated guides.