What about the Torch Up tournament?

Did the tournament happen? Did it complete?

It appears that our humans crash going after the 4th expansion and encounter some hydras. Our machine supervisors have schedule again the games for next week from the 16 to Mar 20, if humans crash again we will continue iterating, fixing and scheduling the tournament games until we have at least a first completed round following the structure of our event as stated by the published rules.

The results will be announced in the updates section of the tournament website as the rules state, we have been battling against our own technical debt, implementation and irrelevant internal details but we are commited to release and announce the tournament results as soon as they become available and make this event an annual competition with the particularity that we can meet in beutiful Brussels, once a year at FOSDEM, come for the brood war, stay for the technical conferences the Belgian beers are great and all but is all about the chocolates.

About the announced new maps they are relevant only for next year competition and up, a hopefully more stable event where we are learning from the iterations and the progress with our current mistakes, crashes, burns and bugs, the maps are a mix of old and new competitive maps for 2v2 and 1v1 with lots of surprises, we have no doubt they will be a challenge for map analyzers as well.

Good luck to all of you participating in this first Torch Up event! we hope to have the results available for you soon, and if you did not register but are curious and want to join us next year, we want to have the maps available for you as soon as possible, check out the new challenges and see you next year!