The Undermind podcast 33

Thanks to Sonko for the oportunity to talk in detail about this new Brood War AI competition on The Undermind podcast explaining the current problem with StarCraft: Brood War AI competitions and this Linux new alternative.

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It was great to hear again from Johan de Jong the author of BananaBrain one of the top competitive protoss bots, he talked about his work around Dark Templar and Reaver/Shuttle micro as well as goin into details about his development process and path-finding fixed issues, BananaBrain was 5th in CoG 2019, Johan comment about learning strategies used in competitions raising the question about the amount of rounds available since this affects directly the learning capabilities and performance.

Bryan Weber the author of CUNYBot is a resercher at the College of Staten Island, he is interested in macroeconomics and works with a couple of students that every few semesters make modifications, and improvements on the bot. It was interesting to hear about his experience and adventures enabling the Python interpreter inside CUNYbot and through the land mine of building the bot for competition and also enable a modern machine learning stack as well as his comments on genetic algorithms.

Check out The Undermind podcast and Sonko's Making Computer Do Things where he is writting a book about the insides of StarCraft: Brood War AI and BWAPI bot development.